Simple Vista Style Menu AS3

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Easy configurable Multi-Button Menu with smooth color change, transparency an reflection. When embedded in a website, active button state is controlled by FlashVars. It uses TweenLite and afcomponents reflection (included in zip-file). Included embedding demo uses SWFObject dynamic method. Visit http://dangerbeuys.de for a slightly modified demonstration using Flashvars.

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Flash 9, AS 3.0
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user 24753
24753 5 years ago

thank YOU

user ovm.surendar
ovm.surendar 7 years ago

Good Job......

user biletji
biletji 8 years ago

Nice. Thank you!

user flobster
the listing author flobster 8 years ago

Sorry, no flash 8 (I don't have Flash 8).

user fastico
fastico 8 years ago

nice job. do you have a flash8 version?

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