Bitmap Creation and Manipulation

Projects featuring Flash BitmapData class

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Line Circle

Line Circle Just draw a line and see what happens. :)
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Upload Image and Preview

Upload Image and Preview this is a image preview before image upload example
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Webcam and save images

Webcam and save images capture images with your webcam and save on your computer
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Image transition pixelation effect

Image transition pixelation effect Transition between 2 images with a dynamic AS3 pixelation effect. There can be modified some variables to change the speed of ...
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Scale Image and Export it as PNG - Flash AS3

Scale Image and Export it as PNG - Flash AS3 This is a example like we can scaleX, scaleY,Rotate loaded swf and also Export it as a PNG format file. See "listing URL" fo ...
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Bitmap divide in lines

Bitmap divide in lines transform to bitmap, dividing to lines and moving
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Water Droplets

Water Droplets Water droplets in flash.
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