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Create your own skin to match your site. Use the context menu or use shift+i for track info, shift+u/d for volume, shift+p for position display and shift+t for track. You can also change the textcolor and if the player starts when it's loaded. It uses XML
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Flash 8, AS 2.0
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xml mp3 player

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user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 8 years ago

allanw3it: sorry about that. honestly, i dont remember setting a password for any file i've made. just load in the swf, remove the control handlers in AS for key presses. i made it so you can use shift+key to change the volume and track. remove any reference to the key detection class and compile it and import into your project. make sure no password is set.

-thanks for the comments

user allanw3it
allanw3it 8 years ago

I have an issue with this if I try to build the orginal.fla in CS4 error is "The class or interface 'KeyDetection' could not be loaded.", if I try to import the music.swf into my project it asks for a password.

Do you know why I get the error? can you provide the password for the music.swf?


ANDCERO 8 years ago

tank you

user ekalak
ekalak 8 years ago

thank for the file :)

user ledobermann
ledobermann 8 years ago

Dont understand me wrong
Its a great player but Im looking for extra futures.

I saw on a website the following player and my question was if it was possible to add those futures to you player in an easy way. (Look at: http://www.jonobir.com/ )

Like the playlist and a progress bar


user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 8 years ago

karelrosseel: almost all my software uses XML. all the media players i have on ffiles reads its mp3s from an XML file and can be edited directly.

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 8 years ago

sorry ledobermann. i'm not sure i quite understand the question. you can right click the player and get the position of the song and track info. the play/pause next/prev track options are the buttons available on the player. these options are very easily changed in the code. you can use the info given by the track info option to create a youtube style position bar if you like. when you click the prev/next buttons, the track info is automatically displayed if that option is selected. if you email me an idea what your looking for, i can modify the player and send you something to get you started. i want to answer your question, but i'm really not sure what your asking. i'm sorry. i'm glad your taking an intrest in it though. i thought it was a pretty origional idea for an mp3 player.

user ledobermann
ledobermann 8 years ago

I'm new at this

but is it possible to add on an easy way the following options?

play/pause - previous track - next track - a position-bar (style youtube) - track info

so that we can ff in the song or mix and that we can see the tittle at the same time


user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 8 years ago

karelrosseel: this is my old AS2 version without a spectrum, so as long as you have flash 8, it's super easy to set the shortcuts to anything you like. this one uses the shift key. i'm not sure what shortcuts for blind ppl would be, or how blind ppl use the internet for that matter. post your link, love to see it, then maybe i can help you a bit further.

user PCM82
PCM82 8 years ago

I am waiting for Digicrons mp3player as he thinks he can do much better work... i still dig this one! thanks for sharing your work!

user karelrosseel
karelrosseel 8 years ago

please can you set some shortcuts into this flash player.. that should be working for blind people to navigate.. (because I am making a website for blind people..) thanks a lot.
+ is this list with xml loading music?

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 8 years ago

it has track info and volume. right click it.
if aything at all, it's a nice template for someone to use for playing mp3s and displaying a clean marquee, but whatever.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 8 years ago

There are many ... mp3 buttons without track info and volume, sometimes you need something simple/compact that doesn't use much space.

user tristan.paige
the listing author tristan.paige 9 years ago

sorry you didn't like it Didicron. was my first actionscript attempt. was going for something simple. anyway, my files have been updated with thier fla's.

user industria
industria 9 years ago

I Like this! Thanks!

user Digicron
Digicron 9 years ago

not nice...no volume buton,no track info...for media players must have those...