Camera Shutter Animation

user bullyjosh
bullyjosh (7)
This is a small animation of a camera shutter opening and closing in a loop. It is enclosed within a movie clip, so it can easily be inserted into your... more >
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Flash 9, AS 2.0
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user milky8008s
milky8008s 3 years ago

kool thanks

user ctba.jacque
ctba.jacque 6 years ago

efect james bond!

user clarkyboy
clarkyboy 6 years ago

Cheers for that Bully. I had the exact same idea for a preloader as it is similar to my logo and I too am a photographer. I was thinking of using it as a tutorial to show me how to achieve something similar in Flash. How do I see the component parts as I guess I'll have to rework my vector shutter imageachieve each individual piece. Ta.

user FebFish
FebFish 6 years ago

thx for sharing:)
It's helpful.

user Killuminati
Killuminati 6 years ago

thnx man...very useful for my a website im working on

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