Free web games (breakout, minesweeper, etc).

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HTML Snake Game

HTML Snake Game Snake game created by HTML, JavaScript, by Nelson Rodrigues. When loading preview press [enter] to play.
Rated 4.9 of 5 62

Tile Game

Tile Game Tile flip game created by Adrian Payne
Rated 3.0 of 5 290

Spaceship Loves Foods

Spaceship Loves Foods This game has been created about 1 year ago I have not used any new methods like stage3D to accelerate GPU rendering It's i ...
Rated 1.0 of 5 283


PacMan Adobe Flash PacMan game. A simple level of pacman game completeion has been shown.
Rated 4.5 of 5 1118

Simple Shooting Game V2.0

Simple Shooting Game V2.0 This is an update of my shooting game , always with AS2 but this time you need Flash cs5.5 to work on it so enjoy , Atik Boun ...
Rated 4.6 of 5 1430

Your Kids Math2

Your Kids Math2 Flash CS5.5 ActionScript 2.0. This game for kids who can learn addition with playing game. Features: 1. Random nu ...
Rated 5.0 of 5 941

Kids Math Game

Kids Math Game This for 1st standard kids math game, for helping them add sum and learn with game enjoy lot.... with sound.
Rated 4.1 of 5 1824