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Diesel11 (2)

Spaceship Loves Foods

This game has been created about 1 year ago
I have not used any new methods like stage3D to accelerate GPU rendering
It's is plain game that is good for beginners to AS3
It is extendable game
hope you like it

300 downloads, 8005 views

game spaceship foods as3 for beginners plain flash

Download (2.86 MB)


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user milowerx
milowerx 7 years ago

Nope doesn't work.

user infogatel2
infogatel2 7 years ago

You have to be fast enough to click on stage :). Then it really plays

user Diesel11
the listing author Diesel11 7 years ago

guys guys
it's working
but I don't know why this bug has made
you have to click on stage after you clicked on play button to active the swf

user Sam_mayekar
Sam_mayekar 7 years ago

the arrows dont work :)

user infogatel2
infogatel2 7 years ago

Sorry, but arrow buttons not working.

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