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Matrix text/characters effect, created by Ezanker
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matrix effect text animation

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user charandhoni
charandhoni 10 months ago

IT IS HELP FULL...............????? SUPER

user burgo855
burgo855 11 months ago

@usearts, If you are only getting "some characters display as a square or rectangular box, or as a box with a dot, question mark or x inside" instead of text then your issue is not the script, the script was made for english characters, I'm pretty certain all east asian characters will not output correctly. If you want Japanese characters to work then i suggest looking into changing the font to a standard such as "Arial"

user userarts
userarts 11 months ago

For me, show only little square, no japanese!

user WebDataBank
WebDataBank 12 months ago


user NooiSiS
NooiSiS 12 months ago


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