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Completely actionscript 3.0 driven.

Colour bars move up and down on MOUSE_OVER and MOUSE_OUT event listeners.

Speed of colour bars is controlled through a variable called "speedcontrol" at the very top of the actions in the first (and only) frame.

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user sac_ec17
sac_ec17 8 years ago


user mariorr
mariorr 9 years ago

Please help, I cant link the menu options to the other pages.

user delapuerta86
delapuerta86 10 years ago

Hi there, the file is great 10 out of 10. However, I just can't get any button to link up with any outside internet page. I have followed all the instructions here, but still no way to have buttons access other internet pages.

user zampotter
zampotter 10 years ago

thank you so much

user duncanp
duncanp 10 years ago

Helen 26..

Just to correct you.. first line should read:
homeButton.addEventListener(MouseEven t.CLICK, homeonClick);

Thanks :)

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