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user gavric97
gavric97 (3)

3D Image rotation

3D Image rotation.
Move mouse to rotate photo per X and Y ,and change photo

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rotationx rotationy gallery 3d

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user samiidiazt
samiidiazt 12 years ago

hi i need help as I use it? i work the flash 8

user murli2308
murli2308 13 years ago

this is five3D ??

user avi3d
avi3d 13 years ago

Easing the motion would make it looks much better, but it is a good example.
Thumbs up.

user vsyostudio
vsyostudio 13 years ago

nice and simple to learn. thanks

user murli2308
murli2308 13 years ago

can anybody tell me the Site for learning pointroll?

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