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Some more connected motion, now with another dimension :) - NOTE: The source files will have to be arranged into their proper packages. Also, you will need Flash Player 9 to be able to view this file, it can be downloaded at
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user wolverene
wolverene 1 decade ago

Awesome work! How do I arrange the package files? I get 3 errors when compiling. most are identical errors except for the file it refers to - 5001: The name of package 'jm.geom' does not reflect the location of this file. Please change the package definition's name inside this file, or move the file. D:\3D Network\

user saintbloodz
saintbloodz 1 decade ago

hm..the fla file vers. AS2? i need ..plz

user cherrydavinci
cherrydavinci 1 decade ago

great one... ;)

user popljubo
popljubo 1 decade ago

the fla file is vers. Flash 8 AS2 ?

user chuy
chuy 1 decade ago

creative canadian in deed!

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