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user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh (17)

3d rotational object

this is an effect that i thought seems to perform very well, its my first attempted with as3 and you will notice the action scripting is set up/written as if it was as2

everything is documented

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3d rotation display parelle

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user brettmcmaugh
the listing author brettmcmaugh 7 years ago

Same , We still going...

user bhavesh_bhanshe
bhavesh_bhanshe 8 years ago


user moustafa
moustafa 12 years ago

very good

user raihanmazumder
raihanmazumder 12 years ago

good one

user brettmcmaugh
the listing author brettmcmaugh 13 years ago

its all as3

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