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3D XML Carousel - Zetex Edit

Firstly thanks to Mr Brimelow for the original script.
Now it's AS2.0 and different to the others is that this one moves according to click and drag instead of mouse motion. The further you drag the faster it moves, in the direction you drag of course. I think I should put a limit on it, but feel free to play around. Also click anywhere to stop the ring moving.
Hopefully someone would be able...
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xml 3d carousel zetex icons lee brimelow action script 2 0 click drag mouse event

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user URiosG
URiosG 3 years ago


user elinojunor
elinojunor 7 years ago

you can put URL link for each icon on the move?

user elinojunor
elinojunor 7 years ago

tem como colocar Link URL para cada cone em movimento?

user Xetlive
Xetlive 9 years ago

Works for me!

user fjgamer
fjgamer 1 decade ago

This doesn't seem to work.

LOL@asgardtake: You can't use Firefox 6, it doesn't exist.

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