Drawing sample 3D rotation

Starting with Adobe Flash Player 10, you can use display object properties to move two-dimensional objects in three-dimensional space. For simple animations, you can use the z property and rotationX, rotationY, and rotationZ properties to create 3D transformations. For more complex animations, you can use the Matrix3D and PerspectiveProjection classes avaialble in the flash.geom package.

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user Amil
Amil 5 years ago


user kangyoungsoo
kangyoungsoo 8 years ago

good Thank you^^

user Serionax
Serionax 8 years ago

nice work...

user avi3d
avi3d 9 years ago

It uses Flash's native 3D...

user J.Kovalev
J.Kovalev 9 years ago

Very interesting and usefull job!

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