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Interactive Flythrough and Over

Hi Flashers! READ THIS!!! Use the arrow keys to plow your way through the crowd. Hit spacebar to jump over, and float back down. Make sure to Click the swf before hitting space! Replace the images within the movie clips with whatever images you want (THESE ARE ONLY PLACEHOLDER IMAGES - MAKE YOUR OWN, and stop complaining. jeesh!) modify the number of clips displayed, change the speed, gravity,... more >
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3d interactive walkthrough

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SESEMEJR 3 years ago

ooh good

user pirso
pirso 8 years ago


user ifuwant2know
ifuwant2know 10 years ago

That's awesome!

user DamithaDNW
DamithaDNW 1 decade ago

wow its amazing

user rajesh107
rajesh107 1 decade ago


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