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i've always wanted to simulate the reflection of the cursor, so here it is. a few masks and 3-AS-lines of coding is what took me to do it.

a perfect place for such a reflection effect would be at the bottom of any website, thus giving it a 3d perspective and an intresting concept.


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user serhat
serhat 1 decade ago

Good Job. Thanks.

user aakash999
aakash999 1 decade ago

very nice effect

user sondieu.ars
sondieu.ars 1 decade ago

good :)

user minamiyuki
minamiyuki 1 decade ago's great but mouse arrow shown on reflection used here is Windows XP cursor, while i'm using custom/other cursor from different OS you will look it's not same between reflection and current cursor (e.g while in vista, have wider arrow and mac OS have black cursor)

user 1 decade ago

hehe :D

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