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Nonsense Clocks 3D

Nonsense Clocks BY Zevan Rosser. Using HTML 5 features like canvas.
Move the mouse to see clocks rotate in a 3D effect.

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clocks 3d html5

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user troz777
troz777 5 years ago

wow, impressive

user krish88
krish88 5 years ago

its good

user akash.mishra
akash.mishra 5 years ago

Great job!

user kakimu
kakimu 5 years ago

Creativity and a new dimension in programming. I believe that this will be utilized sooner or later by many developers.

user KlasicKumputerz
KlasicKumputerz 5 years ago

There is no use for this. The developer should have went a step further and made it "real time" clocks.

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