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Papervision 3D Cube

A untextured cube that responds to your mouse movement
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cube actionscript 3 3d papervision 3d cool animated

Download (545.58 KB)


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user surajwebdesigner
surajwebdesigner 1 decade ago


user adrianluty
adrianluty 1 decade ago

is only action script cube not is papervision 3D if that you made in MS-DOS by qbasic is great bud in flash not is cool element only is a fallow mouse more bud not is aplicate to another jobs

user RaydenCruz
RaydenCruz 1 decade ago

Thank. But Yeah! That would be great if images can be applied in each different cube face.

user adrianluty
adrianluty 1 decade ago

can aplicate images? if that is all is very basic

user elza.rsp
elza.rsp 1 decade ago

Nice work colleague.
Thanks for sharing with us.
Big hug.
(Google translation - Portuguese / Brazil)