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Papervision Text

A 3d typography example.
Fla file appears empty, edit the file by modifying the .as file and then compile the fla file again.

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papervision typography

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user fusarium
fusarium 5 years ago

Can anybody explain me how to change the text?

user rfreitaz
rfreitaz 8 years ago

Perfect! What about how to change the font type?
I'm having problem with width of the movie, because when display the movie it's cutted. For example, i need use in the 900px space, but the movie is cutted on to 650px width. I've already increase the size of the scene, but the movie stayed with the same width. How solve this? Can you help me?

user mabreo
mabreo 8 years ago

when I put a word with an accent the animation stops
how I can solve this

user benattabou
benattabou 9 years ago

nice one

user ramesh123
ramesh123 1 decade ago

nice stuff

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