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user arunsinghal
arunsinghal (2)

rotating ring

2nd attempt to my 3-D
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user Unstoppable
Unstoppable 7 years ago

actually this is good for starting 3d but your way of making it was not good!!you could have made it in another way!!!!not frame by frame

user kniotech
kniotech 9 years ago

Nice 3d

user Raffine
Raffine 10 years ago

You might to add more interactivity about your work. That would make it more fascinating. Anyway, I agree with cslamsq:. . .

user cslamsg
cslamsg 10 years ago

I think this is a fantastic demo for my physics lesson on back emf. Excellent!

user Raffine
Raffine 1 decade ago

boring. . .

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