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Slice Cube Flash Gallery

Sorry for my bad English.
My work from 2010.
Cube glery.
Click on button createCube().
Click on combo source,..
In zip you can find swc and mxp. Run mxp, drag instance from COMPONENTS, and not forget FajloviFoldera.php if you use folder URL as source.
Take look on Examples, espescially on Cube.fla an Source.fla. ube_slicecube_cube___3592.html

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slice bube 3d flash gallery

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user viijay
viijay 9 years ago

Too good... thanks for sharing..

user ecarollo
ecarollo 9 years ago

That's pretty cool!

user awaischamp
awaischamp 9 years ago

wow man, it's great

user ferdyni
ferdyni 9 years ago

uaaauuu men so funny

user shoshs
shoshs 9 years ago

very nice

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