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advanced movieclip class

i created an advanced version of the MovieClip class. it offers some features that are not included in the original class.
some method added are: forward(), rewind(), forwardTo(), rewindTo(), bringToFront(), sendToBack(), sendBackward(), bringForward(). hope you enjoy it!

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user gudduleo
gudduleo 1 decade ago

nice commands but you have to show some creativity then give these effects on that!! this will also helpful:)

user shreeprasad
shreeprasad 1 decade ago

It's Really Great,.

user jing1
jing1 1 decade ago

nice concept n workz good job, 8/10

user elzap
elzap 1 decade ago


user fleshmaker
the listing author fleshmaker 1 decade ago

thank you, glad to help ;)

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