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user ramesh123
ramesh123 (8)

Astion Script with MDM Zinc

This is a sample application to demonstrate how we can use use MDM Zinc with flash to create a desktop application. In this sample I demonstrate how to create,import,export XML file in the desktop. To run please download and run the exe
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xml as 2 0 local file system

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user ramesh12345
ramesh12345 12 years ago

hi its good

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 14 years ago

Can you edit the thumb to reflect the content of the file?

user leonardo_try
leonardo_try 14 years ago

nice, but it's better if you use adobe air (AS3 only) to make desktop apps.

user High
High 14 years ago

WOW!! Thanks brother!! This is great~