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closing window+blur effect2

this is the second version of the Flash window effect when open and close <br />using doprShaow and blur effect<br />new features<br />1- drag able <br />2- easing effect when open <br />3- nice new look <br />u need flash 8 or more to edit <br /><br /><br />it is free to use
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user kumarsj
kumarsj 1 decade ago


user Raffine
Raffine 1 decade ago

cool. . .

user kish
kish 1 decade ago


user t3webdesigns
t3webdesigns 1 decade ago

LOL nevermind. Just realized we are already dealing with AS2. Thanks.

user t3webdesigns
t3webdesigns 1 decade ago

actually, i had a question. How hard would it be to get a conversion for this into actionscript 2?

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