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Draw Custom shapes with ActionScript 3.0

Draw with ActionScript unique, random, custom and strange shape (backgrounds), all depends of your imagination. The sketch is easy customizable, you replace my shape with yours and you get different result.
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user jesseharsh
jesseharsh 1 decade ago

if it is the correct file, then the description is a bit misleading. file places your drawn shape on mouse down. the random is the scale and color, the shape remains the same.

user jesseharsh
jesseharsh 1 decade ago

I downloaded this and the .fla inside is "draw_bubbles.fla". I don't think this is the correct file.

user rajaram
rajaram 1 decade ago

it's wonderfull

user biochimistu
the listing author biochimistu 1 decade ago

Thanks.No its made with as 3.If you want to know how its made you can read the tutorial.Click on the Listing URL.

user kingofrespect
kingofrespect 1 decade ago

You are awesome
did you use this code
onMouseMove=function() {

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