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Just a simple use of the mc_tween2.as. It goes to different coordinates on a movieClip.
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user priewzaza
priewzaza 10 years ago

wowww nice ilike it^^

user melvin
melvin 1 decade ago

nice example.....

user _Felippe
_Felippe 1 decade ago

I just got it ....
download mc_tween2.as extension in :http://hosted.zeh.com.br/mctween/downlo ads.html

Note: u will need a Extension Manager installed ...

user lumi
lumi 1 decade ago

didnt know how to use mc_tween2.as either! help pls

user _Felippe
_Felippe 1 decade ago

Great, i was looking for .. But i dont know what scripts u used on your "mc_tween2.as"


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