Mouse Recorder 2

Mouse Rscorder : The tool. Remake to 500 x 500 pixels.
This tool records mouse movements on screen.
Press "record" then move your mouse on the screen, then press "stop" and "play".

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user rajumx
rajumx 6 years ago

Yes! very creative NICE

user J.Kovalev
J.Kovalev 7 years ago


user Dishoo
Dishoo 1 decade ago

a kinda "macro" recording ? :)

user gauravs
gauravs 1 decade ago

Hi Halford.. u ve done a great job.I ve to make one application can u help me in this or can give guidelines how to do it.Wat i want that images get load dynamically from data base and on that image (jpeg) user can defined his own hitarea i mean hot spots and can also give urls for same.. If u ve some idea how to accomplish pls let me know


user unfurlwits
unfurlwits 1 decade ago

Useful resource dude!

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