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Random stars with blur ActionScript 3.0

We will apply some random values to some properties of a MovieClip that has a little animation and a blur filter applied to it, this approach will produce a nice organic effect. You must read it the result is fun and cool.
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user etoileweb
etoileweb 1 decade ago

Could you please provide us with a Flash 8 version (with AS 2 of course :wink:). Thank you

user ed_slow
ed_slow 1 decade ago

it's cool effects....

user tintico
tintico 1 decade ago

wow, it is quite elegant and creative application

user stevanovichi
stevanovichi 1 decade ago

This is cool i tell you!

user wt008
wt008 1 decade ago

Very nice - Any chance of posting a file that works in Flash 8 with the trials ? Again very nice.

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