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this is an interactive experiment to simulate a symbol's avoidance
of the _xmouse and _ymouse. It tests for the distance between the mouse position and that symbol, updating its position relative to the radius of the "restricted area" and the original position.

to be honest, the file is a mess :D however, everything is logical.

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user lilikadinugroho
lilikadinugroho 9 years ago

this is f***ing good

user priewzaza
priewzaza 10 years ago

it's great. thank

user jued
jued 10 years ago

thanks. nice job!

user dFever
the listing author dFever 1 decade ago

yes i am... what sites exactly?

user redleome
redleome 1 decade ago

I saw this a year ago from another site, are you a member of other websites???

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