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user theranch
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AS3 Animated Boxes v2.0

This is an animation that chops up a 400px box into 40px X 40px cubes then animates them off stage. It uses the BitmapData class to make copies of the original box. This version has some code fixes from the first version and has text in the main box to show the effect better.
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user ms.webtech
ms.webtech 10 years ago


Anyone can tell me, how to add image rather then text


user brunobrunobruno
brunobrunobruno 1 decade ago

anyone have any ideia how to load a image backgroung replacing de gray background inside the gray boxes tnx

user nikedib
nikedib 1 decade ago

awsome my friend

user raylea100
raylea100 1 decade ago

Really Really Good

user theranch
the listing author theranch 1 decade ago

For the sample I linked to on my site (in these comments), I just added an Array of strings and some vars...
var num:Number = 0;
txtString = "1 blah blah blah";
txtString1 = "2 blah blah blah;
txtString2 = "3 blah blah blah";
txtArray = [txtString,txtString1,txtString2];

Then I just changed the text line to: tf.text = txtArray[num];
and then when the makeBox() function is called I add to the num variable like this:
I also check to see if the current array item is the last then reset num to 0 using an if statement so when you play it again it loads the first string. Challenge yourself to figure it out from these notes. You have the code and can create other buttons by duplicating what I wrote.

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