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user jmalek
jmalek (7)

Butterfly Follower

I was toying around with some mouse trailers and butterfly animations and decided to combine the two for this effect. The butterfly goes where you go! Keep your cursor idle and the butterfly will perch on it. Enjoy!
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user Nirvana11b
Nirvana11b 12 years ago

there's no code what am i suppose to do with this?

user webWahine
webWahine 13 years ago


I am also hoping to have this in AS3 - it's excellent and I'd like to use it in a project (with permission, of course); please advise, Joshua; thanks!

user s3b0n3
s3b0n3 13 years ago

need's it in as3

user sirius021
sirius021 13 years ago

Very nice, I like it

user pytypaldy
pytypaldy 13 years ago


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