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City Streets

City Streets animation.
Take a ride though the city with a first person view.
Footprint AS3 preloader included for slower connections. A good example of Illustrators Prospective tool and PhotoShop Texture brushes to create a semi-3D city view.
Buildings and City Art work was created with Web Premium CS5. I love this suite.

More details in the read me file.

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user banglecowboy
banglecowboy 5 years ago

this is immense! really great

user anllie
anllie 1 decade ago

Excellent, thx

user poisinivy
the listing author poisinivy 1 decade ago

@ michaellay: Thank you for your comment. Yes it took me four(4)days to render the art work with illustrator and PhotoShop, mostly because I kept messing up the scale of the buildings. .lol
Actually with the cs5 suite it was very easy to create the file.
I rough sketched (drew) everything out on paper first so I knew what I had to make.

user michaellay
michaellay 1 decade ago

nice, dam that's good mustve taken a while

user poisinivy
the listing author poisinivy 1 decade ago

@ uomini: Thanks you : )

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