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Draw images with light rays

here i am drawing a vector logo of macintosh using light ray effect........u can use the same with other vector images.
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user jmedina
jmedina 1 decade ago

plz see my 'custom work' request 'laser writing' at

user delfinachuang
delfinachuang 1 decade ago

it is simple, but very useful

user jmedina
jmedina 1 decade ago

do you do contract work ? I'd like to have this for my company's logo would be great !

user jacindahope
jacindahope 1 decade ago

I would like it better if it was a pc.

user CompulsaoDiaria
CompulsaoDiaria 1 decade ago

Code is poetry
Do you know typorganism project?

thats wat i need to make my poems really affect people

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