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brettmcmaugh (17)

Globe animation

This is a cheap animation, I followed a bit of a tutorial on bitmap manipulation, any ways i made this because i cant find an actual 3d tutorial or fla on the net to play with, sorry about the vars and also its a little buggy but feel free to play with it and do what ever you like, there's room for improvement, it took me half an hour to make!
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globe animation bitmap manipulation

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user hatemragheb
hatemragheb 8 years ago

Good Work

user velan
velan 8 years ago

Great Animation

user nahasnazar
nahasnazar 9 years ago


user puttu
puttu 9 years ago

It's nice.. It looks like 3D without 3D spects.!

user ecarollo
ecarollo 9 years ago

I like it!

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