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user brettmcmaugh
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HD Motion Back Ground SWF

This is a motion SWF background I had made, as it seems theirs not really much free motion graphics I thought I might aswell just upload it here.Included is the original source files
*image bg
*videofile(converted) to swf

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user hideurface
hideurface 7 years ago


user brettmcmaugh
the listing author brettmcmaugh 7 years ago

your right, but its optimized in flash...using vectors to give a bigger view, i thought to share more or less..also i use my samples as an exhibition you could say for my free-lance work.

enjoy :)

user Unstoppable
Unstoppable 7 years ago

the work is good, but why post it under flash file?
It is much more based on the aftereffects............ :/

user brettmcmaugh
the listing author brettmcmaugh 7 years ago

the image is from the BF3 Game , the animation is not... i created the animation in after effects...Apart from making a banner with a turret or something i don't think i could make one, theres restrictions and liscences on most 3d models stuff, also interaction with in 3d have limitations or rendering...as for a complete just animation i wouldn't think my skills as worth enough to do this...

user imchasinyou
imchasinyou 7 years ago

This is actually from the game Battle Field 3. I have seen this on their website as a background at one time and cant seem to find it now or I wouyld have posted the link to it. Never did get back to me on any offers I made. . . .

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