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Humming Bird Animation

A 3D Animation of a humming bird using drop shadows.
Working AS3 preloader included for slower connections.
Created with Adobe Web Premium CS5.

Free to use as you like in your own projects.

1599 downloads, 22933 views

animation as3 preloader cs5 flash hummingbird

Download (434.95 KB)


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user pennyhean
pennyhean 10 years ago

very nice , thanks

user druidcreative
druidcreative 1 decade ago

VERY nice indeed. Thanks for sharing...

user poisinivy
the listing author poisinivy 1 decade ago

The FLA is made with Adobe Web Premium CS5 with as3.
I understand your question and tried it with older Adobe flash suites and I too couldn't open it.
becuase it was made with the new Adobe Web Premium CS5 suite.
Unforutnatly you will need to have the CS5 suite to use it, But I will try a remake this flie for you if you like with AS2 and it should open with cs3 and cs4 Until I do, you could try downloading the trial version of cs5 suite. please give me a day or 2 to make a fix for you for this file : )

user tomanhlan
tomanhlan 1 decade ago

I can read the .fla file with Adobe Flash CS3! Any suggestions?