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user zicoalpha
zicoalpha (2)

Northern LIghts

Animation made of bitmaps.
Constructed in After Effects 6.5 then finished in Flash.
A tranquil sky over Glassy waters,
The Northern Lights.. 320x240 resolution

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user cate
cate 14 years ago

Great work ! so beautiful !

user chuy
chuy 14 years ago

works for me thou.

user adrianTNT
adrianTNT (admin) 14 years ago

@Static_33: I tested, worked OK for me in IE, try to clear your cache and download again, or try with another browser.

user Static_33
Static_33 14 years ago

pleease your link is not working, how can I download this?

user supaat
supaat 14 years ago

that's what I'm talkin'bout...'s cool, man..
thanks 4 sharing, n may God bless u..

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