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Random Music Bars

Random Music Bars
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user mluciarc
mluciarc 1 decade ago

muy bueno-gracias

user justin
justin 1 decade ago

This is exactly what I needed!!! (I just didn't know it until now, but...). This will fit nicely on a project I have on the burner right now for a Performing turntablist... Thanks a bunch or sharing and keep up the good work!

user moris
moris 1 decade ago

very cool

user jing1
jing1 1 decade ago

Ahh sorry man must have been having a bad day cant even remember posting that.
:( sorry.

Actually its not that bad, your new to the site its a basic work but its got something good about it.

I apologize for my pervious comment.


user davidwalsh
davidwalsh 1 decade ago

wow no lie i think this is amazing :)

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