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Title Animation

Music charts title animation.
I don't know What is it called :(
I saw some Video in YouTube And I try to do that with Flash

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text animation alpha fade in text animate title music

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user WillyG66
WillyG66 7 years ago

Good job but the bouncing up and down is a bit too much. It should stay in one spot and not move. Thanx.

user karthickeyan
karthickeyan 7 years ago

Looks good... this is called Lower Third for the Video.

user SiriusBlackFx
the listing author SiriusBlackFx 7 years ago

Thanks for your comment, I'm very new in Action Script But I will try to do that :)

user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 7 years ago

honestly you should make this more practicable for example : it reads from an XML file the list of tracks or something then loads the animation and shows info about the songs from the xml file ...

user priya_telang
priya_telang 7 years ago

good a suggestion for the name you may call it: Title Track effect or something :)