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user snooky147
snooky147 (1)

water fall

A simple animation from my beginning, which show a water_fall in a nice place.
I just start 3 days ago, so be cool with votes :-
Made with 3 layers from photoshop and a mask animated.
For CS3 file, send mail to snooky147 arobase
Can't make CS2 file !

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water fall river effect

Download (2.18 MB)


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user mohdishaq88
mohdishaq88 10 years ago

its Fabulous man
which version u use for this..

user akash108
akash108 10 years ago

Hey, can I use it on my project? super cool animation! A++

user qwerty94360394
qwerty94360394 10 years ago


user pmlb1234
pmlb1234 11 years ago

Very good

user moustafa
moustafa 11 years ago

very nice

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