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afx Simple Show

Simples slide banner
New version without error

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simple show images

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user Adefortunato69
Adefortunato69 8 years ago

Muito louco :)

user piggybeau
piggybeau 8 years ago

so cool man!! thank you so much

user afixar
the listing author afixar 13 years ago

@xandrremi - Qual arquivo FLA voc est falando? Todos os arquivos para fazer o slideshow esto disponveis. Agora se voc se refere a animao, contrate nossos servios que teremos o maior prazer em cria-la.


@xandrremi - FLA What are you talking about? All files to the slideshow are available. Now if you mean the animation, hire our services we will be happy to create it.

user xandrremi
xandrremi 13 years ago

falta arquivo FLA. no gostei

user regalbum
regalbum 13 years ago

muy bueno, ;) saludos

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