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user h1e1
h1e1 (9)

Banner Com XML 3

Banner rotativo, com transio random e dinamico com botes dos banners, este arquivo est nas verses CS4 e CS5
1569 downloads, 27886 views

banner xml rotativo dinamico as3

Download (299.08 KB)


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user clesionet
clesionet 12 years ago

Very good!

user J.Kovalev
J.Kovalev 12 years ago

Good Job!

user ecarollo
ecarollo 12 years ago

I like it :)

user vinicius7
vinicius7 12 years ago

Nice work.
"A Batalha do Apocalipse", the Brazilian book on 7.

user jjgomes1
jjgomes1 12 years ago

this is very good

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