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user IsraNogueira
IsraNogueira (1)

Banner rotator

Banner rotator system with XML and buttons, clickable links.
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banner rotator rotating xml

Download (732.56 KB)


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user Theory
Theory 11 years ago

Oh, by the way, this is the most awesome banner rotator I have ever worked with.

user Theory
Theory 11 years ago

NEVERMIND. I figured it out

user Theory
Theory 11 years ago

I'm dealing with a company that host the banner. For some odd reason they don't keep the xml document on the same server. Where in the fla file do I need to place the absolute path to the xml document?

user stheekshanas
stheekshanas 12 years ago


user sumitinspark
sumitinspark 12 years ago

Good work mate!

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