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Carousel Banner

Carousel Banner: Rotating images on the banner. Direction of rotation can be controlled by the mouse movement. Images are calling from the library only.
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carousel banner rotating images images

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user itppyznf
itppyznf 1 decade ago

Any chance to save it as a lower version so more people can open it? Flash CS2 or CS3 file.

user Fashdarabi
Fashdarabi 1 decade ago

I am completely non-tech and I wonder if you could advise me on how to use this great looking gadget on my site. I run my website under Google Sites which provides a facility to paste code into its html editor. What is the code that I need to paste there to make this work?


user Zakariya
the listing author Zakariya 1 decade ago

Hi Libiota. Given source file is in CS5 format. You can't open it in lower versions.

user libiota
libiota 1 decade ago

Hi! I was trying to open it and it shows "unexpected file format". Do you know what the problem could be?

user thaodc
thaodc 1 decade ago

Very nice! Thanks

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