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user rafaelrinaldi
rafaelrinald.. (3)

Snow effect with BitmapData

This is a simple effect, simulating snow with bitmap points.

Download Tweener:

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Download (21.67 KB)


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user Rosco
Rosco 14 years ago

I think it's because he is using Tweener library, U need it in order for snow to fall!:)

user picassoo
picassoo 15 years ago

yes if you need help i will help on my animation flash work

user ayakosmile
ayakosmile 15 years ago

it's nice!!

user pas_non
pas_non 15 years ago

nope, no snow in cs3 :(

user mandy
mandy 16 years ago

tdavid you are right, it's not working when i run fla, pls let me know if anyone know about that prob

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