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Day to Night rollover button

Another learning thingy is was getting up to...may help you too if you suck like me...If not....At least it's quite pretty.Made with AS2 and flash 8.
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user annaboman00
annaboman00 1 decade ago

Very neat, you just helped me understand how to make the neat buttons! :) Thanks

user leefy
the listing author leefy 1 decade ago

b1.onPress = Press;

function over() {

function out() {

function Press() {

user paulodedeus
paulodedeus 1 decade ago


user langaw360
langaw360 1 decade ago

in a flash website...
i need an animated button with rollover and rollout effects, i know how to make buttons and can make it transfer to another scene but i need them to animate on rollover and on rollout.....


this.onEnterFrame = function(){

if(rewind == true){




this.onRollOver = function(){

rewind = false;


this.onRollOut = function(){

rewind = true;


this.onRelease = function(){



this is the code that ive been following ...and it can only go to a link not a scene....

user leefy
the listing author leefy 1 decade ago

on press goto and play a certain frame or scene you mean??..Because if so that's not a problem at all...In fact that's pretty much the basics of flash websites.

on (release) {

on any button instance will work fine to send you to frame 10.

But with a movie clip button that code won't work....and i can't be bothered to go into it now until you can perhaps make it a little clearer... :-)

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