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Enabling and Disabling buttons with AS 3.0

English: enable or disable buttons, with AS 3.0, a way of know-how as an example Dynamic animations and user interaction.

espaol: habilitar o desabilitar botones, con AS 3.0, una forma para saber hacer animaciones dinamicas como ejemplo y interactuar con el usuario.

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buttons actionscript effect dynamic

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user nannie_nk
nannie_nk 7 years ago

Thanks for good file. I need to your help. Can I change your font (Click) and How? Thank you. ^ ^

user nireve
nireve 9 years ago

muhsinap: send me your fla to contact2ifirme dot ro, and i will guide you...

user muhsinap
muhsinap 9 years ago


I created the button and double click in it, then I tried to change the alpha on the hit side, but there is no option for change the alpha on the 'HIT' side.

user nireve
nireve 9 years ago

muhsinap: on click butn1.alpha = 0: same for all btns

user nireve
nireve 9 years ago

zackyz: did you read the code, where is your array ?, was an observation, not a question....

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