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user switchBack
switchBack (2)

large dynamic buttons

This is a footer that I created for a website I was developing. The entire thing is created through AS2.

The images are loaded in from an XML file, and then the "reflection" effect is generated automatically.

These were created as large buttons at the bottom of a website, but has potential for many more applications.

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user mustu9980
mustu9980 12 years ago

Ok this is how it works!
Download this folder:

Unzip the file. The folder name will be "caurina"
Put this folder where ur Footer.fla, footer.xml files and image folder is and then open the Footer.fla file in your Flash Software.
Caution: Do not open Footer.fla before u put caurina folder or else you will have to delete the Footer.fla and again unzip it.

Now, after opening Footer.fla go to actionscript on actions layer and replace: = link_array[i];
link_array[i] = main[i]; = = function(){


link_array[i] = main[i]; = link_array[i]; = = function(){

of line 57, 58, 59, 60 and 61

To change the background color you will have to change the color on line 66 i.e. colors = [0x4F6980, 0x4F6980]; if you want to change to black make it
colors = [0x000000, 0x000000];

and also you will have to change background color.

user Tomhanks
Tomhanks 13 years ago

1000 Sorry, I was an idiot, but now I have it, everything works fine! Thanks, Switchback!

user Tomhanks
Tomhanks 13 years ago

You, master, can make it work for me with some little files...
If You feel gracefull sometime, please: [email protected]
Thanks anyway for a fine little work

user rose
rose 14 years ago

very nice job; I have Adobe Flash CS4 and I try to open .fla file. I recieve an error Unxpexted file format. I can not open the fla file. Please help me . what is the reason?
thank you

user phatboy7
phatboy7 14 years ago

please send caurina.transitions.Tweener; class file to [email protected]

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