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Liquid Button

Flash button that fill with liquid on rollover. The liquid is made by motion tweening in timeline.
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user mithunffilesraju
mithunffilesraju 8 years ago

Nice bro

user tjkomal
tjkomal 1 decade ago


user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago

You are right, I noticed some slow movements but I was not sure what is the problem, the tween continues at the same speed regardless of clip position.
I will try to update it but so far no luck with the code.

user Staggasaurarts
Staggasaurarts 1 decade ago

if you hover on it then hover off then hover on it again, it takes the same time to go from nearly full to full as it does empty to full

user pacosxm
pacosxm 1 decade ago

very nice,
but how can you use it ? OnRelease an Goto don't work with Tweening button ?... I'm realy lost !

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