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Media Player Buttons Template

A buttons design template for media player (play, pause, etc).
The style is very simple, rounded corner transparent black background and white labels with ~2 pixels of shadow, rollover white fade effect.
Note that it is just the design template, it doesn't contain any code to control media items.

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media player buttons template

Download (195.25 KB)


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user rccintra
rccintra 10 years ago

WOW. Outstanding design!

user clesionet
clesionet 10 years ago

Embed script?

user lowis
lowis 1 decade ago

Nice bottons

user Roney_mx
Roney_mx 1 decade ago

I envy the btn efx. Cool!

user VALERA.
VALERA. 1 decade ago

Badly that there is no script.

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