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Roll Buttons

Yeah these have definitely been done before but i though I'd put them into a neat, component-esque package. They are very easy to use - default methods allow you to change the text, text format, ease type and duration of the tween and size (including an auto size option). onRollOver and onRollOut events are handled by listeners. The clicking sound is daClick by Thozi and can be found under Taps... more >
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user FlashyCreature
FlashyCreature 1 decade ago

I guess you have to change it manually. And still, you change one, you change all. Try making individual flash files for all... :(

user nioggal
nioggal 1 decade ago

hi ! thanks for this great job ! I wondering, how do you change the name of each button ?!!

user chuy
chuy 1 decade ago

excellent job, downloading it

user umarmughal
umarmughal 1 decade ago

Its nice but can you please tell me how to ad link on each button, to call HTML or SWF file?

user jing1
jing1 1 decade ago

very nice